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From Tents to Luxury: Transforming Your Hen Do  Glamping Paradise!

Hen Do Glamping is one of the newest attractions for hens in the UK and perfectly combines the beautiful British countryside, a touch of luxury and a streak of fun and partying!

Sure, there are new rules and regulations in place but when it comes to celebrating the Miss to Mrs, a Glamping Hen Party can maintain the occasion emphasis whilst not breaching anyone’s safety or making anyone feel uncomfortable.

Memories are made with glamping hen weekends, and you’re sure to arrange a party you’ll never forget!

The Ultimate Glamping Hen Do Experience!

As with the whole events and wedding industry, hen dos have changed drastically over the last year.

Sure, there are new rules and regulations in place but when it comes to celebrating the Miss to Mrs, a Glamping Hen Party can maintain the occasion emphasis whilst not breaching anyone’s safety or making anyone feel uncomfortable.

Memories are made with glamping hen weekends, and you’re sure to arrange a party you’ll never forget!

Glamping For all Hen Parties

One of the biggest selling points of Hen Do Glamping now is that you can choose your own location. Sure, hen dos would be arranged somewhere you (or, obviously, the Bride-to-be!) wanted to visit. But now Hen Do Glamping gives you more control over both where you are and who you interact with.

Camping and glamping sites are currently socially distanced to allow for the ‘rule of six’ and to keep family groups apart where appropriate, but there’s more to consider.

You can choose to have an entirely private Glamping Hen Party if you’d prefer to, so as not to interact with, disrupt or both anyone else, or you can opt for a site with other groups on to meet.

Head to the Countryside

Glamping sites may be close to big cities (ideal for a ‘big night out’!) or out in the country if you’d like to go for more of a ‘night under the stars’ vibe. Whatever you choose, you have the freedom to shape the party just as you’d like it to be.

Whatever Glamping site you choose, we’d always recommend either selecting one with a decent communal area – or setting up some neutral ground where everyone’s welcome to mingle with one another.

Not everyone will know each other, after all, and going into the tent of someone you don’t know can seem quite intimate. A good communal space gives you somewhere comfortable and cosy to hang out informall. As well as somewhere to take part in activities, eat and drink!

Every Glamping site is different and there’s truly something for everyone: from just basic provided accommodation to hot tubs and champagne fridges. Many also offer package deals so you can choose something that suits everyone attending.

Choosing A Good Glamping Provider

A standard camping and caravanning break is a million miles away from Hen Do Glamping, so it’s important that you choose a provider who specialises in glamping hen weekends!

A specialist provider who works specifically on glamping on hen parties, you’re guaranteed a Glamping Hen Party that can cater for your whole group, keep everyone happy and provide facilities to suit all.

The Little Things Make A Big Difference For Your Guests

Sites that cater for Hen Do Glamping will be able to offer all of the little touches you need to really shape the occasion.

Even if there’s not many of you, don’t forget to ensure that you’ve got access to decent toilets, clean showers and tents with heating or wood burners to keep warm.

And make sure anything you have to leave the glamping tent for isn’t too far of a walk away… if it’s cold and wet, you won’t want the Bride-to-be to have to be walking a mile through grass for a quick wee!

Getting To And From Your Glamping Hen Do

Consider the requirements of all of your group, in both their stay at the Glamping Hen Party, the activities they can/would like to partake in, and their travel to the glamping site.

It’s customary for the Maid of Honour or hen party organiser to take care of the Bride-to-be’s transport, but bear in mind the travel for other guests too.

If anyone will have to rely on public transport rather than private, make sure the site isn’t too far from accessible options and that it won’t cost the earth just to get there! The easier a Glamping Hen Party is to get to, the more likely people are to come!

Sleeping At Your Glamping Hen Do

Bedding isn’t always included in glamping venues so check with people what their preferences are. Some people prefer to bring their own but others don’t want to lug theirs about: ideally you’ll be able to offer people the choice.

Sleeping options vary – don’t assume that everyone owns a sleeping bag or is willing to kip on a carpet; always ask!

If access requirements could be an issue for any member of the party, speak ahead with the Glamping Hen Party provider and ensure that they’re able to offer a sufficient service that doesn’t compromise on safety or comfort.


Some Glamping Hen Party venues allow BBQs which always make for a fun dinner, but why ‘do it yourself’ when you’re indulging in a touch of luxury? Instead, many sites offer a personal chef and food for you – just notify them of any dietary requirements and sit back and enjoy a home-grilled dinner!

Extras Suitable For Your Glamping Hen Weekend

Specialist providers of Hen Do Glamping often offer a variety of activities and extras that you can ‘opt in’ to. These usually cost more money but are ideal to mix and match to fit your requirements.

Whichever works best for your Bride-to-be and party can be booked as an extra to help you make even more memories. Extras include, but are by no means limited to:

Live Music

There’s nothing like sitting round a fire listening to an acoustic guitar, is there? Even if the stereotypical bearded-man-in-a-checked-shirt-with-messy-hair strumming away isn’t quite the right fit for you, consider hiring a live band or act for you and the girls to dance the night away to!

Butler Service

Not necessarily in the buff… glamping can get chilly, after all! A Butler can be provided to keep your drinks topped up, entertain the group and ensure that your Bride-to-be is having the time of her life.


This isn’t drunken warbling down the half-empty pub full of middle-aged men, this is strut-your-stuff and sashay away karaoke. Grab some cheap props (think wigs, inflatable mics, mardi grad beads and of course probably a naughty hen-party accessory or two) and have every guest pick a song to at least lip-sync along to.

Why not surprise the Bride-to-be and secretly learn a group routine to her favourite song? You can coach her and all bring out your moves again at the wedding reception!

Silent Disco

Noisy karaoke isn’t suitable for every glamping hen party site, but a silent disco works everywhere. The site provides headphones for every guest that are linked up to an audio loop, so everyone wearing the headphones will hear the same music.

You can usually request songs or have a set playlist to suit your party’s faves.

Need a wee or a wander? Just pop your headphones off and you’re out of the disco… until you whack them back on again, of course!

Cocktail Making

mixology is a true science, and how better than to bond with the rest of the hens than making drinks to then enjoy together? A cocktail making package can include a mixologist guide, glassware, all alcohol and bar service.

Life Drawing

on-site life drawing can sort the artist from the amateur and give you a unique and fun experience. Eyes on the easel, ladies…


a sport even for the least active, archery is something your group probably haven’t tried before and can be a great competitive activity to get out some of the pre-wedding stress!

Bush Craft

OK, so you might have access to straighteners and a comfy bed, but you’re still camping, even if it’s the glam version! Bush craft activities can help you build survival skills and will soon sort out the GI Janes from the Alexis Carringtons…

Your Own Hen Festival

Festivals aren’t going to be about this year and when they do make a return, things will be very different. Why not create a festival for your Bride-to-be with Hen Do Glamping and make it “insert-name-here-fest”?

Avoid crowded bar queues, £8 pints, dirty portaloos, tinny speakers, smelly camp-mates and rip-off taxis. Instead, have each hen prepare some kind of ‘performance’ and everyone can let their hair down at your own festival themed Glamping Hen Do.

VIPs only permitted, and not a pop-up tent or drunk/loud obnoxious campmate in sight. Result!